Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism Online Training

AML/CTF and Insider Dealing Online Training is not only mandatory requirement with the SFC, but an essential component to raising awareness among an organization’s staff, concerning money laundering and terrorist financing risks and the statutory requirements to disclose inside information are central to the orderly operation and integrity of a market. Effective training can be considered the first, last, and best AML/CFT and insider dealing tool for risk management and control. 


You’d like to understand the key aspects of local and global regulatory framework and comply with the statutory requirements and obligations.

You’d like to advance your career, with a deeper understanding of compliance knowledge, and the ability to make more informed contributions.

You’d like to understand how to strike an appropriate balance between having a timely disclosure of inside information and preventing a premature disclosure which might prejudice a corporation’s legitimate interests.

You’d like to identify and evaluate suspicious transactions of money laundering, and have the proper procedures to anticipate them in the future.

You’d like to understand compliance terminology, and communicate more effectively with both senior management and different departments in the corporation.

You’d like to have a deeper understanding of the Securities and Futures Ordinance and apply the compliance knowledge to the real-world scenario and establish appropriate procedures for the corporation.


This online training is suited to anyone works in the financial industry, as well as those aspiring to get in the industry. This course also allows those working in finance to refresh their knowledge of AML and CFT and Insider Dealing, and meet the regulatory requirement of the SFC. It includes the following:

1. Senior management of licensed corporations;

2. Fund managers and asset managers;

3. Responsible Officers (“RO”)/ Licensed Representatives (“LR”) ;

4. Manager-in-charge (“MIC”) of AML/ CFT and Insider Dealing;

5. Compliance officers and Money Laundering Reporting Officer (“MLRO”).


1. Overview and key concepts of money laundering

2. Overview of international AML/ CFT standards

3. The legal and regulatory framework in Hong Kong

4. Statutory obligations and penalties upon conviction of the offences

5. The SFC guideline on AML/ CFT

6. Risk-based approach

7. Simplified due diligence and enhanced due diligence

8. Ongoing monitoring

9. Record keeping and retention of records

10. Recognition and reporting of suspicious transactions

11. Staff training

12. Recent case sharing


The procedures to access our Online Training are listed as follows:

1. Access and download the online training;

2. Receive an email including the link to access the digital exam, login details (i.e. username, and password) to access the online examination prior to the training;

3. The exam will be marked automatically and you will get the result and performance report under the “Exam History” immediately;

4. Receive a follow-up email concerning the marked exam papers, a supporting certificate, and a signed attendance record shortly thereafter; and

5. The Compliance Department should save the marked exam papers and signed attendance record for the internal record.