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Link. is a proudly developed digital portal owned by Heinbro. It delivers a fully digital end-to-end client journey from initial onboarding to ongoing lifecycle events, that is fast, efficient and compliant to interface with their clients and accelerate the client onboarding and ongoing review process.

From straightforward processes like opening an account for individuals or small and medium enterprises, to more sophisticated situations like onboarding trusts and complex structures, financial services institutions have to adapt quickly to clients’ fast-evolving needs, and higher demand for a cross-channel experience.

Overview of Link.

Link. offers fast, scalable, secure digital portals for licensed entities to interface with their clients and accelerate the client onboarding and ongoing review process. Its main goal is to enable financial institutions to deliver a seamless, digital experience for their customers, all while keeping them protected from regulatory change. It gives complete visibility over the process to ensure an expeditious onboarding and/or review process. 

Our technology is driven by 3 key pillars: digital efficiency, frictionless compliance, and most importantly, exceptional client journeys. Link. dynamically manages any client type, any product type and any customer journey through all segments, channels and devices to deliver the coveted frictionless experience for financial institutions and their clients. 

Frictionless Digital Client Onboarding Platform

Provide your clients with a very easy to use and unobtrusive way to remotely onboard themselves in their own time.

Enable your clients to complete their application process in their own time though a very simple guided journey. Whether they are individuals submitting their own information or other structured entities having to submit documentation from a distributed group of people, the process is very intuitive, requiring your clients to enter their information only once. To ensure a competitive advantage, we assist the industry leader to implement contactless, fully digital client onboarding to meet clients’ growing expectations for remote interaction possibilities on their channel of choice, all while smoothly granting scalable business continuity and built-in compliance.

Client Lifecycle Management

Client Lifecycle Management -
How It Works

Transform Onboarding in
Your Organisation

Digitally transform the way you manage your client risk.

Don't make every client an exception, focus your resources on the more complex client structures.

No-Code Onboarding Journey and Form Builder

Quickly react to regulatory changes and update client information forms instantly, without having to reach out to the IT department.

Cut down on PDFs and creating non-digital images of your client and product data.

Client Profile Management

Gain a clear insight into your clients, even across multiple profiles and jurisdictions.

Make quicker and more informed decisions and identify potential issues earlier through fully automated background checks and data enrichment. Reduce errors and endless handwritten documentation with a modern digital platform.

Data Enrichment KYC/AML/CFT

Do away with pointless document certifications and confirm data at source through open APIs.

Automated address verification, background checks, bank and credit checks enables you to continually evaluate your clients and identify potential AML issues very early on. Let the technology highlight potential "red flags" much more efficiently than the human eye. Your administration, operations and compliance teams can then spend their time focused on proper issues and more complex relationships, thereby improving the service and relationships across the majority of your client base.

AML Risk & Rules Based Engine

Red, Amber, Green (RAG) or High, Medium, Low. Define the rules for how you risk rate your clients based on how you see the risk in your business.

Assign weightings to key data points such as country risk levels, background check results and source of funds. Match your EDD requirements to the level of risk assigned to a client.

Approval Pipeline and Workflow

Simplify operations with real-time task assignment.

As workloads increase, dynamically re-assign priorities. Automatically approve clients based on a predefined set of criteria. Focus your resources on where they are needed, not on mundane tasks that add no value.

Ongoing Obligations

Automatically trigger your on-going obligations, from following up on expiring ID documentation to more frequent background checks on higher risk clients and PEPs. Set it and let it run allows scalability and enhanced exception management processes.

Client Outreach

Keep your client communication consistent across your organisation, automate your outreach and re-engage with your customers advising them in due course. Log all conversations and maintain a digital audit trail of all follow ups and actions taken.

Audit and Reporting

Prepared for that regulator inspection? Ready for the annual audit?

Our audits and regulators a standard set of reports and audit trails for their review and give yourself peace of mind that your client onboarding process is fully transparent and auditable.

Strive to deliver Results

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Reduction in onboarding periods.
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Saving in audit cost with out-of-the box functionality.
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Increase in clients' satisfaction​

Benefits of Digital Transformation

A Powerful Onboarding Toolkit

Efficiently manage client onboarding, AML, KYC, regulatory requirements in once place. Automate ongoing obligations and reduce regulatory risk. Satisfy customers with self-build online forms and biometric data capture for remote onboarding. 

More Than Just a KYC System

Go beyond carrying out KYC background checks. Link. offers full client lifecycle management that marries the end client experience with internal policies and risk management through automated risk scoring. 

Flexible Costs and Minimize Time to
Generate Revenue

More transparent pricing enables better controls over onboarding costs. Onboarding clients faster means revenue faster and reduced back office costs. 

Boost Operational Efficiency

With 100% focus on financial services, Link. delivers technologies that can transform how financial institutions across the full spectrum of financial services can manage and serve their customers throughout the customer lifecycle. It encompasses the out-of-the-box integrations, automated data and document, and capability of eSignature.

Streamlined Digital Client Onboarding

Link. enables financial institutions to provide a quick and efficient onboarding process for new and existing clients. We manage all sub-processes and workflows that bring the client from initial account opening through every stage of the lifecycle. It includes the seamless integration, digital self-service client channels, and straight through processing. 

Enhance Client Experience

We assist financial institutions deliver a first-class, low touch, high-tech client experience. Clients can interact through any channel, on any device, creating the perfect blend of technology and human interaction, delivering 30% efficiency gains through reduced manual processes. The digital self-service client channel onboarding could reduces client outreach and ensure the account opening is paperless. 

Tailored For Your Sectors

Varying levels and depth of compliance for Financial and Professional Services Providers, built on institutional grade technology. Deploy a client-centric digital experience with the minimum level of intrusion, defined by your regulatory objectives.

Licensed Participants

Maintain and deploy digital subscription forms across your family of funds. Update all KYC information directly to your Fund Administrator.
Geared towards: Corporate Services, Fund Managers and Administrators, Insurance Agents

Discretionary Wealth Managers

Manage a single client profile across all business lines. Investor Suitability and Risk Analysis during the application and evaluation process.
Geared towards: Boutique Asset Managers and Merchant Banks, Prime Brokers, Insurance Brokers

Professional Services

Manage, screen and approve your clients on a single web portal. Remove duplicate input by leveraging flexibly APIs to downstream systems.
Geared towards: MoneyTransfer Agents, Gaming and Crypto Exchanges

Ongoing Support

We're here to make the process as easy as possible.


By guided through the configuration and deployment of the platform by our experienced Implementation team. Requirements analysis, scope analysis, customisation, systems integrations, user policies, user training and delivery are implemented through agile implementation cycles. This approach enables a quick to market set-up and so you can achieve the desired results and real change, faster. 

Ongoing Use and Support

With interactive help and support, staffed by a fully trained Customer Success team, you can have confidence that we will be there to help guide your team through your digital transformation journey. 

With Digital Transformation, Everyone Wins.

Link. provides a class-leading digital onboarding experience for advisors, for compliance teams, for everyone. It will differentiate your business and build better relationships with your clients.
"Wave goodbye to repetitive paper-based onboarding.
Heinbro has enabled our compliance team to make better-informed decisions, reduce operational risk and scale our business revenue. Tab switching is no more using Link.'s consolidated system. Our compliance team can onboard at speed, get positive feedback from colleagues and add value through the interpretation of lightning-quick data.
"A total game-changer for onboarding in the field"
Advisors can now deliver a class-leading service and have the information at their fingertips in real-time. Link. reduces friction dramatically during the onboarding process. The once intrusive paper-based process has finally been replaced. For a team on the road, they can pick it up where they left off, where ever they are, leaving advisors with more time to focus on the customer and building long-lasting relationships.
"It makes logical commercial sense."
Link. has reduced back-office costs by over 40% within weeks of launching. Since moving Link cloud we 've seen our operational costs reduce significantly as our cross-department collaboration soars. Having a full audit trail in one click gives our customers a peace of mind too. it's a total game-changer.

Join the Ultimate Digital
Client Onboarding Platform

Empowers you to deliver a fully digital, best-in-class customer experience and effectively manage your client onboarding processes in one place.

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