At Heinbro, we have extensive experience dealing with foreign individuals and corporations looking to work and/or expand into Hong Kong. We understand the importance of securing the relevant visa in a timely manner and thus we work closely with the client and the Hong Kong Immigration Department (“HKID”) to ensure no undue delay is incurred.

We can assist with the following specific matters:-

  1. Provide preliminary advice to the individual or management on the applicable visa (Investment as Entrepreneurs, Employment as Professionals, Training, Dependant etc.) and eligibility criteria;
  2. Assist in identifying and capturing all the issues that may arise during the application process;
  3. Advise on the key areas considered by the HKID in granting the desired visa;
  4. Preparation of documentation for submission to the Immigration;
  5. Preparation of appropriate cover letters in support of the application;
  6. Work with the individual or management in responding to the queries raised by the HKID during its review of the application documents; and
  7. Attend on behalf of an individual or accompany management to any meetings with the HKID in order to discuss any issues arising from the approval process.

Heinbro understands business opportunities and business risks go hand in hand. The costs of delay or failing to obtain the appropriate visa can be costly, so engaging experienced professionals to handle this important step is imperative.

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