Heinbro understands the impact the licensing process has on companies and thus we work closely with the relevant authority (SFC (LC, RO, LR), HKMA, TCSP, Employment Agency, Insurance etc.) and clients to ensure the impact is minimal and dealt with expeditiously.

We understand it can be a costly exercise to set up a new firm or manage a matured operation. To assist our clients, we have introduced flexible payments structures to ensure our clients achieve their goals within their desired budgets. The payment structures are as follows:-

  1. Upfront;
  2. Instalments (deposit and remainder on approval); and
  3. No Approval No Fee.

We are excited to be the first professional compliance firm in Hong Kong to introduce a NO APPROVAL / NO FEE arrangement. Our confidence in our track record affords Heinbro the opportunity to deliver our clients a NO APPROVAL NO FEE structure.

In relation to any license application, we can assist with the following specific matters:

  1. Provide preliminary advice to management on the regulatory approval process and the specific license(s) required;
  2. Provide advice to management on the requirements for licensed individuals and/or mandatory positions (SFC responsible officers etc.);
  3. Assist in identifying and capturing all the regulatory issues and hurdles that may arise during the application process;
  4. Advise on the key areas considered by the regulatory authority in granting the relevant license;
  5. Preparation of documentation for submission to the regulatory authority;
  6. Preparation of appropriate cover letters in support of the application;
  7. Assist senior management in responding to the queries raised by the regulatory authority during its review of the application documents; and
  8. Attend on behalf and/or accompany management to any meetings with the regulatory authority in order to discuss any issues and concerns arising from the approval process.

For more information about our licensing service and our payment structures, please contact us.

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