Fund Manager Code Of Conduct Valuation Audit

As a financial firm, compliance with regulatory guidelines and maintaining transparency in all aspects of your operations is crucial. According to section 5.3.7 of the FMCC guidelines, it is mandatory for your firm to conduct an annual valuation audit to identify potential issues that may arise and ensure adherence to the FMCC guidelines. The audit must be conducted by a competent and functionally-independent party and include testing the valuation procedures used to value fund assets.

At Heinbro, we understand the importance of compliance and transparency in the valuation process. That’s why we offer comprehensive annual valuation audit services in accordance with section 5.3.7 of the FMCC guidelines. Our team of experts conducts a thorough review of your valuation policies, procedures, and processes to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. We also test the valuation procedures used to value fund assets to ensure their accuracy and completeness.

Partnering with Heinbro for your annual valuation audit means that you can be confident that your fund valuations are reliable and accurate. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a tailored strategy that meets your specific needs and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

We can assist with the following specific matters:-

1. Review and determine whether adequate policies and procedures have been established.

2. Review the methodology adopted in valuing fund assets and to test (on a sample basis) whether it is consistently applied.

3. Obtain an understanding about the frequency of any valuation performed.

4. Review whether the third-party service provider has been engaged and whether due care and diligence has been exercised by the Company on the selection process

5. Review whether the Company has made proper disclosure to investors.

6. Issuing a final report with comments and recommendations on the current operations and potential problems and/or deficiencies that may exist in the compliance function.

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